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Obsada 300l - tutaj zadajemy pytania i szukamy coś dla siebie

Witam, jestem tutaj nowy
dostal mi sie w spadku zbiornik, wiec po latach przerwy wracam do akwarystyki, dobra sprawa nauczyc corke co nieco o odpowiedzialnym zajmowaniu sie czyms zywym
wiec tak
Ziornik narozny, 360 l
oswietlenie mieszane, H5 i LED.
Filtr Fluval 407, na chwile obecna daje na pol gwizdka, wegiel aktywny
Zestaw CO2 w planach
podloze ziemia ogrodaowa i mialki piasek na tym
roslinny - anubiasy na korzeniach, kryptokoryny, kabomby, trawa, roagtek i pare innych ktorych nazw niestety nie pamietam.
Korzenie jeszcze barwia, woda jeszcze mleczna, zbiornik dojrzewa. Chemii nie dodaje, niech sie samo ustabilizuje
Zaczynam myslec o obsadzie. Z Zalozenia towarzyskie, po glowie chodzi mi:
ekipa sprzatajaca
-5 kiryskow, moga byc spizowe bo je lubie, nie musza byc pandy Smile
-red cherry ile sie namnozy, tyle bedzie
-5 otoskow
40-45 neon innesa
2 parki pretnika karlowatego
2 parki Ramireza -czy da sie dobrac parke w sklepie? Mieszkam w UK, tutaj nie ma opcji oddania rybek do sklepu, czy dwie parki pielegniczek sie nie beda zbytno gonic? po obu stronach akwarium dalem otoczaki, miejsce na ewentualne skladanie ikry
wiec spod i srodek mam opracowany. ALe chcialbym cos na gore, najlepiej tej samej wielkosci co neonki.Myslalem o grupce teczanek, ale one potrafia wyrosnac 10cm i wiecej. Proporczykowce? Co bym mogl dodac, aby gora byla takze wypelniona? Nie chce zadnych gupikow, molinezji, mieczykow, znow wraca temat oddania narybku - nie ma opcji.
Z gry dziekuje za sugestie

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Dark Web Links & Dangerous Sites on the Dark Web
The information and data that are available on dark websites require specific authorizations or a software program to access. On dark web there are numerous sites where people buy and sell pornography, drugs, illegitimate weapons and the stolen personal data. A lot of dark web sites can be useful, but they are dangerous also in a few ways. Have a look at the excellent Dark Web Links site.

Email box
Different emails are sent by various senders, inviting recipients to share personal data. These emails typically contain attachments that the recipients are asked to share their personal information or download malware.

Torrent Sites
The content found on torrent websites is not reliable because the software downloads music, video, and other files contain malware. The most effective way to avoid being a victim from malware hidden in the background is to stay clear of torrent websites.

Search Engines
Certain search engines could show results that contain malware and lead users to dangerous websites. This will help you avoid finding these results.

Hacked Legal Sites
These sites allow you to download videos. When you download videos, malware could be installed. They also store personal information. To avoid this, you must ensure that the video isn't being downloaded by malware (Faianet as well as. 2020).

Twitter is a great site that keeps everyone updated about the happenings in the world. It also contains hyperlinks that lead to potentially damaging areas. Knowing the URL prior to going to the site is the best way to protect us to go to the dangerous locations.

Facebook is a social media platform that connects people across the world. Facebook provides a variety of apps that ask personal questions that could be dangerous for users. The best way to keep the user's privacy is to alter the privacy setting and decide who will be able to see the information.

Hidden Wiki
Hidden wiki, sometimes referred to as Wikipedia on the dark web, is a form of Wikipedia that provides information on various subjects. It is a great way for learning. Be careful to avoid clicking on hyperlinks that do not serve a purpose. Hidden Wiki does not contain legal websites.

This is the place which provides you with information including videos, images and social media posts etc. Searx is a good tool to give this information. Utilizing Searx is not helpful always because it relies on other search engines for information. It's not a legal website that could cause a problem for users.

Daniel is a useful source that lets you learn about various websites. Checking the URL and clicking can be helpful since there are a variety of malwares downloaded. These malwares are able to detect personal information that could be misused in the near future.

Mail Pile
Mail pile is a secure place for your personal information and users don't need to share them with cloud. Mail pile can send or share incorrect emails, resulting in fraud. The personal data can also be used by mail pile that may be damaging for the users.

How Do Cybercriminals Use Dark Web Links To Their Profit?
A variety of cybercriminal websites can be found through dark internet links. Some of these services help in cybercrime , such as hacking and identity theft. Cybercriminals can use the internet's marketplaces and discussion boards to purchase and sell stolen data. Scammers love dark-web links for their privacy. However, legitimate users can find all the information they need there. There are some suspect websites on the dark net however there are others that are very reliable. A lot of legitimate websites offer advice and tools to those who want to remain completely anonymous on the web. For instance, there are many email service providers that are part of the TOR network that provide encrypted email services. Hackers make use of websites that are dark to offer stolen identities and personal information and the equipment needed to carry out digital espionage as well as other forms of cybercrime.

Are There Any Positive Uses Of Dark Web Links?
It's possible to use the anonymity provided by dark web links to serve legitimate reasons, such as journalistic and whistleblowing. Tor's anonymity features can be beneficial in oppressive regimes that limit freedom of speech. It can also be used to check dark internet sites which is extremely helpful for security professionals and law enforcement. These agencies can be monitoring dark internet links to monitor the methods and tools utilized by fraudsters. Concerning keeping up with such websites, the New York Times does not frequent visits to them.

There are a lot of websites available on the dark web sites that can be used and considered valuable. There are several sites that are useful as well as some that are dangerous. You can stay clear of these websites by following these guidelines. Scammers can trick people by asking simple questions, and then later using the data.

How To Use Tibetan Prayer Beads. What Is Malas?
Mala is the primary Sanskrit word for the prayer beads used for counting mantra and recitations. Malas are used throughout Tibetan Buddhist communities around the globe, either tied around the wrists or hanging from the fingers. They are usually coupled with the humming of mantras, such as om mani padme, om tuttare and ture, or om mun maha-muniye soha. They are known as trengwa if they're Tibetan. As a fundamental part of Tibetan Buddhist practice is repeating (mentally or in loud voice) specific mantras thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of times, it is useful to use your Rosary to count off the number of prayers like a spiritual abacus. Even if you're not active in counting, the repetitive recitation of the mantra while you go bead by beads through the mala will help to focus and calm your mind. The most well-known type of mala is a string made of 108 beads. They are made from precious or semi-precious stones wood, seeds, or bone. Each time you work your way around the mala, saying a mantra for each bead it is believed that you having completed 100 mantra recitations. The remaining 8 beads count as "spare" to compensate any errors or miscounts you might make along the way. The head bead that is larger than the others, is available. It's sometimes referred to a "guru beads" and can be utilized to compensate for any errors or miscalculations you've made along the route. The malas could also have additional precious stones that are placed at different intervals. They may include coral or turquoise. These extra stones can sometimes be added at intervals that you use to count, for instance, following 27 beads. This lets you know that you're just 1/4 of the circuit. There would be the number of beads 111 instead of 108, if you were to add these counter beads. It is also possible to utilize a smaller mala to perform prostrations that is made of 27 beads. It is used to wrap the smaller size around your wrist and repeat the process four times. There are many other configurations which can be created like 21 or 22. This is acceptable so long as you are able to count using your mala.

Types of Malas
There are many different types of malas. Some are made from bone or ivory, and others are made from sandalwood or lapis lazuli. We don't believe that the kind of mala you select is essential for which type or style of prayer. We believe that Tibetans generally don't make major differences in the types or uses of malas. Monks and nuns typically prefer simple, cheap malas, such as wooden ones. You are able to use any mala you like. It is better to focus on your spiritual practice of praying and reciting mantras instead of on the appearance or worth of your mala. See the top rated Tibetan Bodhiseed for recommendations.

How To Hold And Count With Your Malas
As is often the case in Tibetan culture, we want to stress that there aren't any rules about malas or the way to count mantras. Every person approaches it in a different manner. There are several common practices however, they do not change your intent or approach to prayer. If you are praying in your heart with your mala, it is an excellent thing. While some sources suggest using the mala with your left hand, certain Tibetans also use malas with the right hand. If you are holding a prayer rod with one hand, and you are holding your mala and mala on the other, it's simpler to hold the mala in the left hand , while the prayer rod is on the right. You can use your mala to begin by placing the first bead close to the "guru". Keep the mala between your thumb (or your index finger) and keep it there. Repeat the mantra silently or loudly. Through a rolling motion of the thumb, you can move on to the next bead. Once you have completed your mantra, repeat it again. Then you will have completed 100 mantras without needing to count them all. The majority of Tibetans do not abandon the guru's bead at this point. Instead, they reverse their direction and turn the mala around to begin a fresh circuit with 100 mantras, before returning to the initial route. It is not clear why this is the case. We do this because we're used to it.

Caring for your Mala
When you utilize your mala for mantra recitations or mantras, bring it to teachings, or be blessed by your spiritual guru, it will be given spiritual significance. It isn't sacred in itself, but it is something that we take care of with reverence. This means you would not set it on the ground, place things that are commonplace on top of or throw it. Tibetans tie their malas around their wrists and necks when not using them. They aren't used as necklaces, although they are used to decorate the neck or display one's spirituality. It can be placed on a wall , or the right height for you to see it from your altar , if you don't really need it. It's in a bookcase that is tucked away under our altar. It's entirely up to you and how you deal with it.

What Is The Mantra Bracelet? And How Can It Help You?
A mantra bracelet could be described as an Tibetan bracelet with magic energy. Mantras could be words, phrases or syllables in prayers. They are a combination of the Sanskrit words manas (which means "to think") and mantra (which means "to think") and (which translates to "tools/instruments", it is a mixture of both. Mantra, meaning "a tool for thinking", is used to concentrate the mind. To assist in their prayer, Buddhist and Hindu monks used to wear mantra bracelets. The bracelets were used to track the number of times they recited the mantra. However, mantra bracelets have not been restricted to monks. These bracelets are also found on common people. Why is that? Since mantra bracelets are often used in prayers, many believe they absorb positive energies. These bracelets are worn as charms to ensure good luck and protection. They would wear them to transmit the energy of the bracelet into their own.

What Is The Process Of Making Mantra Bracelets?
Mantra bracelets that are made from mantras are usually made by monks living in the area. While they make or tie, or make the bracelets, they will repeat an important Hindu as well as Buddhist mantra. This is said be to give the bracelet spiritual energies. They are typically created using a particular knot called the "endless rope." It is among the eight auspicious Buddhist symbols. There are also mantra bracelets that have beads made from seeds, wood or gemstones. In addition to ropes, mantra bracelets could also be constructed from metal. It is common to find bracelets with etched Hindu or Buddhist mantra on the surface. See the best om mani padme hum silver bracelet for recommendations.

Om is one of the most powerful mantras found in Hinduism. It is a sacred utterance comprised of three vowels: A-U - M. Om is considered the sound of the entire universe in Hinduism. Om is an incredibly powerful symbol to wear because it symbolizes all of creation. It can be chanted to create vibrations that connect you with the energy of the universe.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum, the most important mantra of Buddhism, is "the jewel is within the lotus." The six-syllable mantra roughly translate to "the gem is in the lotus," and is also referred to as "the jewel of the lotus." It is believed that this mantra is able to cleanse the impurities that are present in our bodies, minds and even our speech. It cleanses us of hate as well as greed, desire, and anger and replaces them with the wisdom, patience and generosity. This is thought to help us overcome the root causes our suffering.

Heart Sutra
The Heart Sutra, another Buddhist sacred text, is also available. The Heart Sutra states that we can achieve wisdom by getting rid of the five human elements. This means letting go of our feelings, thoughts and will. To be free from suffering, you will be able to attain wisdom.

Inspirational Words
In addition to religious text and motivational quotes, custom mantra bracelets have become very popular. Cuffs and bangles can be engraved to inspire you each day.

Where Is The Best Place To Wear A Mantra Band?
The bracelet can be worn on your left hand. Some believe that the left hand is more open to receiving the vibrations. Wearing the mantra bracelet on the left hand will absorb the sound. It will lose its energy when it is worn on the left side. This is the reason why the right hand is regarded as the hands that project.

Where Can You Purchase Mantra Bracelets?
It is recommended to purchase a mantra bracelet if you would like to enjoy the advantages. Buddha & Karma has various Tibetan mantra bracelets. The bracelets we offer have powerful energy that can bring joy, prosperity, and security. Get your mantra bracelet now!

Six Ways A Mantra Bracelet Can Benefit You
1. A mantra bracelet made of beads can assist you in keeping your focus. Also known as mala bracelets or mantra bracelets, it can be used to count the number of times you repeat the mantra. It's similar to the rosary , and can be used to aid in keeping track of your meditation.

2. serves as a reminder
Mantra bracelets are generally engraved with the most important teachings of Buddhism as well as Hinduism. These bracelets are a wonderful method to practice the ideals of these religions. It's like carrying a whispered prayer every day.

3. The True Wisdom Program can help you find your inner wisdom
A mantra bracelet will help you concentrate and clear your mind when you meditate. It is believed that it can dissolve impurities in your mind, body and your speech. In releasing yourself from the negative influences, you can reach a state of purity within your own. Thus, helping you attain enlightenment.

4. Inspire Healing
A majority of these bracelets are positive energy, which could affect your chakra. They can help improve the flow of energy in your centers. The wearing of a mantra bracelet is believed to have healing properties.

5. Brings you happiness and prosperity
The bracelet's blessing sounds are believed to be harmonious with the universe's vibrations. This aligns your energy with that of the world around you. You can attract all the good stuff the universe has to offer, including luck or happiness.

6. Grants Protection
Mantra bracelets are also a great way to connect to divine energy. The divine energy acts both as your guide & guardian. Thus, a mantra bracelet can shield you from negative energy.

The Most Popular Mantras For Bracelets
Tibetan monks chant holy words sound, syllables, and sounds to bless their jewelry. They are among the most frequently used mantras to bless bracelets today.

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