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Best Hidden Wiki Tips - FrankJScott - 12.08.2022

What Exactly Is The Dark Web, And How Do I Access Them?
Dark Web Definition
The dark internet is a part of the internet that's not visible by search engines. This requires Tor to be able to access. It is likely that you have seen the phrase "dark web" used to describe an area of high-risk criminal activities. Thomas Rid, from King's College London, and Daniel Moore of King's College assessed 2,723 pages of websites during a period of five weeks in 2015 and discovered that 57 percent contained illegal content. The University of Surrey's 2019 study, Into the Web of Profit (2019 Study), shows that the situation is getting worse. Since 2016 the number of dark online listings that can be harmful to an organization has grown by 20 percent. Of all the listings (excluding those selling drugs) 60% of them could potentially harm enterprises. It is possible to buy credit card numbers, fake money or guns, as well as drugs, stolen subscription credentials and software that permits you to hack into computers of others. Login credentials to the $50,000 Bank of America Account, counterfeit $20 bills (prepaid debit cards), or an "lifetime” Netflix premium account. You can hire hackers who will attack your computers. You can also purchase passwords and usernames. Although some things are illegal, there is an authentic aspect to the dark web. For instance, you can join a BlackBook or Chess Club, which are social networks , which have been dubbed"the "Facebook of Tor". See this high rated hidden wiki blog for more information.

Deep Web Vs. Dark Web: What’S The Difference?
Although the words "deep" and "dark" are frequently used to refer to the same thing, they're not synonymous. The term "deep web" refers to any content online that is not indexed by and, consequently, is not accessible through an engine such as Google. Deep web content can be anything with a sign-in password or behind a paywall. Also, it includes content that has been restricted by web crawlers. Medical documents, content that is fee-based websites for membership, and private corporate websites are but some of the examples of the content that makes up the deep web. Estimates place the amount of content on the deep web at between 96% and 99percent of the internet. Only a small fraction of the internet is be accessed using a standard web browser, also called "clear web". The dark web is a subset the deep web that's intentionally hidden, requiring the use of a specific browser, Tor, as explained below. While no one is sure of its specific size, most estimates place it at about 5 percent of the web's total. It is important to note that not all of the dark web is used for illegal purposes even though it has a spooky name.

Dark Web Browser
It might seem easy to believe that the dark web is easy due to the activity. It's not. It isn't. To access the dark web, you need the use of an anonymous browser known as Tor. Tor sends requests to websites through thousands of proxy servers around the world. Your IP address is untraceable and unidentifiable. Tor works like magic, but it results in an experience similar to the web's dark side: insecure extremely slow, insecure and unreliable. Although it's not easy to use, the dark web gives a fascinating look into the murky underbelly human experience with no risk of wandering down an unlit alleyway.

Dark Web Search Engine
Although there are dark web search engines nowadays, it's a challenge for even the most seasoned to keep pace with the ever-changing web. User experience can be similar to the experience of searching on the internet in 1990s. Grams, one of Google's most effective search engines often provides results that are to be repetitive and not pertinent to the query. The Hidden Wiki and link lists are a different option. However, even indexes will return frustrating numbers of lost connections and the 404 error.

Dark Web Websites
Websites with dark web content look almost the same as any other site. But, there are important differences. One is the site's naming structure. Dark web sites are not.com/.co domains. They are.onion. Wikipedia describes it as "a special use top level domain suffix that identifies anonymous hidden services reachable via Tor network." Only browsers that use the right proxy can access these sites. Others aren't. Dark websites also use an unintuitive naming scheme that makes URLs difficult to remember. For example, a popular commerce site called Dream Market goes by the unintelligible address of "eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onion." Many dark websites are set up by scammers, who constantly move around to avoid the wrath of their victims. Even commerce sites which have been around for more than a year could suddenly vanish if the owners decide they want to make a profit from customers' funds.

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